A Beginners Guide to Las Vegas, PART 1

Las Vegas.  It is the epitome of glamour and decadence.  It is a place to lose yourself, in gambling, alcohol, women (or men) and just about any other degrading or uplifting pastime one could imagine.  

As a visitor you can separate everything out into three large categories and move on from there, The Strip, Downtown and “Off Strip”. Pretty much, unless you’re considering moving there or purchasing investment property, the only two places you’ll go are Downtown and the Strip.  Exploring the other two areas is for another installment, today The Strip.  Helicopter rides, street performers and amazing shopping can be found on the The Strip, but in most cases people are looking for one of three things: a restaurant, a bar or a nightclub (for seedier items than this you’ll have to find a different kind of web site!).



Restaurants are a far cry from the 99cent steak buffet it used to be. Four star, Michelin rated, celebrity chefs creating some of the most varied cuisine you could find in any three-mile radius. Pizza and hamburgers to bouillabaisse and vichyssoise, ice cream to flan.  

Bars are beyond numerous, too many to count and in any style, size and genre you could ever want. But the clubs, ah the night club in Vegas. Not much can compare so that’s where we’ll begin.

Moon – PalmsIf you go to the Palms you’re gonna wait in line. If you purchase a table, with bottle service you won’t have to wait as long but you’ll still wait. If you know a club promoter you won’t have to wait as long as the schmoes but you’ll still wait. If you’re a hot girl with 10 hot girl friends and can schmooze one of the guys at the rope you won’t have to wait long. If you’re one of the schmoes well, wear comfortable shoes.

But if this is your first time to Vegas Moon is where you should go. It’s worth the wait no matter how much you hate waiting. The truth is it’s just a night club, it plays hip hop, r&b, top 40 music and the drinks are expensive (get used to that!). But it’s 57 floors up, has two levels with outside viewing platforms of the Strip and a motha-effin retractable roof. You can dance or people watch under the stars and with the lights of the Strip as your backdrop while Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre (frequent guests) are on stage or having a drink nearby.

XS – Encore

Be prepared to shell out some serious cash to get in, girls are $50 and guys are a whopping $100 cover! That’s just to get in, then there’s, you know, the alcohol and the tips. I cannot stress to you enough to always tip your bartender, especially if you use the same one again and again.

Okay XS, well, first of all it has a pool. Like you walk in the front and there’s a bar and a dance floor and then you get past that and there’s a pool. The pool actually, the pool that in the daytime is surrounded by bikini clad ladies futilely smearing SPF 4 on their overly tanned selves. There’s also another bar, some blackjack tables, some beds, you know, the usual stuff. Oh and rumor has it  they occasionally rain money on the dance floor.

Tao – Venetian

Remember the above about waiting in line at the Palms? Well, take that and quadruple it for Tao. Then, once you get inside there isn’t enough room to dance, talk or drink. It’s loud, sweaty and the tourist #1 stop. Thumbs down.

End of Part 1

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